About UniRP

Highly integrated
ERP System to operate
seamlessly & work upon
The Greater Success.

UniRP is a highly efficient platform for University Resource Planning synchronizing the varied functions seamlessly. Working upon the robust technologies we have developed advance ERP software for educational institutions & universities to operate hassle-free and organize all its facets uniformly through end-to-end digitalization, creating a centralized data-base channelizing proactively. Each of the elements is framed in the manner to provide entirely automated departments and successful experience.








Mobile Apps

Segments elevating
The Organizations digitally.

Marketing & Admission

Marketing calls for a strategize line of action which has to be planned and implemented with errorless steps in aiming directions, by a widely equipped virtual tool that also places admissions on the same level of accuracy.

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Student Section

Students’ section is all automated integrating every aspect of students’ enrolled, in a well-organized digital array to provide hands on assistance with students’ management. This makes the faculties as well as the students avail the smart benefits.

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Academics & LMS

The smart integrations by synchronizing every aspect proactively, Admissions, Faculties, Academic Processes and more, define the powerful academics and so the nurtures future potentials.

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Examination is now a simplified process by the interface that regulates both the ends the student and the examiner with advanced functionalities up to the grade sheet management assisting the examination controller closely.

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Having a futuristic approach, an end-to-end evaluation of classified data with its conclusions is presented through the updated analytical tools which goes far beyond incomparable to any manual research.

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Career Development & Placements

Recruitment and placement have now been outgrown the multiple manual record and co-ordination steps as a synchronizing the data in numerous appropriate channels after scrutinizing it is possible.

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The book bank is one with the most volumes of inventory to be managed which is categorized and organized virtually so that it provides easy records and access to a huge data, curtailing the lengthy tedious process.

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The prime resource of an institute is the human which is managed and facilitated on a user-friendly and automated digital platform without the piles of forms and registers to bring out the actual talent hassle-free.

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An organization with effectively managed administrations reduces the workload as all the departments are controlled & mechanized at one virtual desk that’s swift and smooth to provide clutter free governance.

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University & Institute Management

The central operations are automated in a manner that all the distinct aisles of the organization are well defined and synchronized automatically as per the requirement of the progress actions.

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Institute & Student Support

The assistance other then academics are regulated and operated through techniques that are upgraded and has in details data configuration capacities, which clarifies the processes regularly.

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Innovation & Start Up Cell

It is believed that to keep on exploring and working with the up-to-date innovations would lead to a faster growth which in turn provides better exposure of applicable digitalization in different departments.

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International Affairs

Advancement broadens the prospects of the academics by collaborating beyond the borders for empowering various departments through a digital window that simplifies the overall landscape of the institute in a systematic ways.

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The physical training holds a crucial corner as far as the educational institutes are in the frame. Automating the same with fast-paced tracking and records system keeps the staff and students glued to.

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IT Infrastructure

The customization of the need based technology is done within the system. The configurations for these assistance and amendments are done with hi-end expertise to control and support the entire ERP in few basic steps.

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Finance & Account

Finance and accounts are among the main aspects of an organization, when revised with the technological advancement offer clarity of statics of each vertical and the necessary requisite to follow for a financial coherence.

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